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Born of Hope

I spent this weekend camping in a field in Sussex. Let me be clear about this, camping sucks. I have never camped before and now I know why. It's freezing and there's nowhere to put your stuff and the bathroom is way too far away.

But I had a reason for camping in a field, I was on location with Born of Hope (http://www.bornofhope.com/), a 60 minute Lord of the Rings fan film that tells the story of Aragorn's parents, Arathorn and Gilraen. I was there with several other BASSC members (http://www.bassc.org/) and my trusty broadsword to participate in the climactic battle sequence as Orcs invade the Rangers village.

Yarit Dor - Born of Hope Ronin Traynor and Marysia Kay - Born of Hope Ronin traynor and Eugenia Low - Born of Hope Born of Hope (March 2009) Marysia Kay and Eugenia Low - Born of Hope Stuart Boother and Ronin Traynor - Born of Hope
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I never thought I'd be recommending fanfic again, especially not to a general audience as opposed to a specific fandom one, but you really have to read this story. Please do not let the fact that it is Lord of the Rings real person fiction or has some (small) slash content put you off. It is not particularly adult (I'd rate it PG) and I think most people will enjoy it for itself whether they know or care about the characters or not. I'm really glad I took a moment to read it since I so very rarely read fanfic at all anymore.
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My contact lens broke when I was putting it in. I think I may have contact lens in my eye. I can't tell and the opticians don't seem to care. Woe.

In other news I have a signed Flash Gordon poster, Sam Jones is da man. Last night I drank yummy raspberry mule cocktails with the delightful kay_elf. The day before that I kissed Sala Baker, mostly because I didn't want to go through the whole Collectormania weekend without any LotR news to tell and also because why not. C6 fairly uneventful and quite tiring, very long days at the cash desks. Nice hotel room though. On Thursday I left my cardigan on the underground. At this rate I shall have no possessions at all by the end of 2005.
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Fellowship Festival v Cocktails

At the festival yesterday I performed in MacBeth with Bruce Hopkins (Gamling), did the hobbit dance with Cameron Rhodes (Farmer Maggot) and sat on John Noble's (Denethor) knee. However all this was most greatly eclipsed by the fabulous time we (being jerzyk and his girlfriend Susan, wheeler, mrtreacle, elethe, kazzik and a girl who'se name I have managed to forget and whose phone number I seem to have lost) had at cocktails. There was impressive dancing, most particularly by Susan and Andrew, in the middle of the bar we were in, we incited other people to dance also and on the way home we led the tube carriage in a singalong.

Today I plan to do not very much.
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Instant Credit etc

I am no longer sitting on Paul's doorstep, I spent 45 minutes there, then half an hour with his neighbours having tea and then he came home.

So today I went to see Newfoundland Shorts 2, three half hour long films including Instant Credit. I won't review the other two films as I suppose it won't mean much to the vast majority of you. They weren't spectacular, but they were an enjoyable enough way to spend an hour and quite humorous. Instant Credit was better, but as I mentioned regarding The Purifiers it can be hard to seperate out the influence of having a familiar actor in a role.

It was nice to see familiar locations like the front of Glasgow Central Station and Prestwick airport. The film had some nice touches to it, but the real strength of it was the sweetness of the relationship which is really the story of the film rather than the "borrowed" credit card. The credit card is just the method used to reunite Frankie with his possibly imaginary girlfriend Gail who has moved down to London to pursue a career in modeling. Frankie is a nice enough guy who isn't exactly doing that well in life but makes the best of it despite the fact that none of his friends believe anything he tells him owing to his life being a little bit unusual. But his mother really is marrying a near eastern fisherman, his dog really did have fourteen puppies and he really is going out with the girl on the magazine cover in his locker. Or is he, things have got a bit strained since Gail left for London and the scene in which Frankie recalls her departure is, along with the scene where they reunite in her flat in London, one of the strongest scenes in the film. Alison McKinnon proves herself a more than adequate actress, really the only weak performance in the film is by the businessman who provides the credit card to fuel the story. Although he is clearly intended to come over as artificial, it feels stagey instead and doesn't quite work.

This is not a shiny high budget production but it settles into itself well after the first few minutes and the characters are appealing and entertaining. It could actually have lost five minutes quite easily and might have felt a little more slick if it had, the extended montage scene in Paris was unnecessary and I could have done with less of the first scene with the businessman. OTOH the girls in the chemist shop were hilarious. There were some other very nice touches; the scene at the ticket machine bemoaning the train price to Paisley, the scene with his mother's boyfriend, and the scene tags stating the locations stand out in particular. However it should be noted that Billy's french was rather appalling, I thought it sounded a bit ropey, but there were two girls from Belgium with us who were French speakers and they confirmed it was terrible.

Well worth seeing when it comes on tv, alas it will likely be shown to Scottish viewers only.

Billy did attend the showing along with some of the other people involved in making the film. I spoke to him briefly but there were a lot of people wanting his attention and he was leaving to go on to a private function for the film. Alas, no free cocktails at this movie :(

And then I walked home in the rain and got stuck outside Paul's house. Le sigh.

Tomorrow, up at 7.30am and back to London. The day after up at 5.30am and the Fellowship Festival.

Also my shooting schedule for Forsaken Forest finally came through, I start shooting mid-September.
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LotR Fanfiction

A lot of my lotr fanfic is posted in community groups thus preventing me from using the lovely new tag system to sort it appropriately in my journal. So this is just a post of links to said fics that I can then tag as writing for I am organised that way. I have also cunningly backdated it so that it can stay public but not appear right at the top of my website page inciting random unsuitable people to read scary lotr fic about boysex!

Mission Accomplished part 1 (DomOrliBilleh)
Mission Accomplished part 2 (DomOrliBilleh)

Comic Convention Blues (Dom/hand)

I've Never part 1 (Elijah/Dom/Billy, Viggo/Orli)
I've Never part 2 (Elijah/Dom/Billy, Viggo/Orli)
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Clicking the picture will take you to my website where you can click to view the larger image. The hobbit is ostensibly for use on convention literature and yes it would have been much better if I hadn't done my usual rushed and half-arsed job.

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