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Primary 4 - Storm

My Auntie Anne has had a new baby called Lisa.
Part of Glasgow has been flooded when a river overflowed because of the storms. A woman killed when a caravan was blown on top of her. In the woods I saw that 10 trees were blown over there will probably by more than 10 though.
Five men on a lighthouse are stranded people are trying to pipe water to the men, not even life-boats can bring them food.
Jane Torvvile and Christopher Dean won in Budapest.
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Primary 4 - Blue Peter

It will soon be December now. Me and my mum will soon be going Christmas shopping. We will also be buying a pine tree and puting up the advent calender.
Shelly has gone to the Magnum to iceskate for Glen Michael's Cavelcade on S.T.V.
The Blue Peter Apeal is now Blue Peter Weather Beater. The School is going to have a Blue Peter Bring and Buy sale. Oxfams are to. They get stickers and posters for it.
Miss United Kingdom was made to be Miss World.
A lady in England has had 6 babies at the same time. (Sextuplets)
Men attaked a church. Some people were killed others injurd only. One killed was a Reverand.
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Primary 4 - Rugby

Scotland won the Triple Crown on Saturday when they played ahgainst Ireland in Dublin. They won 32-9.
My dad came down to our house on Saturday. We went for a long walk. We went through Fuluarton Woods and Ottoline Drive Woods. And over the Mar Collage Playing Fields.
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Primary 4 - Christmas

When it was Christmas eve my brother Jerzyk said that he was going to get a roundabout and a wobble-castle for Christmas.
When I woke on Christmas-day. I went to the kitchen to make brekfast. When we had eatan brekfast. I went and gave out the presents. First mum opend hers. Mum got: A kettle a jigsaw and gloves. I got: A comb a giant bubble blower, nail varnish, lipstick three giant baloons a ditective set and a pogo stick. Ewa got: nail varnish and lipstick balloons bubble-blower skates and a brush Jezyk got: bubble blower, baloons and a comb. Bute got: Dog treats and a bone the fish got: fish-food.
After Sunday school I went to Bapchas house. At her house I got a electric organ and three books. For dinner we got turkey potatoes peas and sweet-corn. For pudding we got apple tart and ice-cream.
baby me

Primary 4 - My Birthday

It was my birthday on the 14th. I got a typwriter, a paint-by-numbers, a book, a Sleeping Beuty pencil-case and soap, and balloons.
It was Samantha's birthday on the 16th. I gave her a brooch. When I went we went to Dumbo it was very good.
It is now only six days till christmas. My little brother has said that he will climb up the cgimminy and see Santa Claus.
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Primary 4 - Cabbage Patch Dolls

The cabbage patch dolls are causing riots in America. All for the sake of silly diffrent faced dolls with birth and health certificates. On Brekfast Time they showed some of these people. Dolls are being taken to hospital just for fun. Cabbage Patch dolls being born from silly pretend cabbage fields. Kirsty is going in for a compotion to win four cabbage patch dolls. I think she's silly.
Last Saturday I went Christmas shopping in Irvine for my Aunt Anne and Uncle David.
baby me

Primary 4 - Lisa

My Auntie Ann has had a baby it is called Lisa. Anne has already 3 children Karen age 9, David age 5, Christine age 3 and two dogs Tink and Lucy. She will be christned soon.
It will be soon now Christmas time. The day after yesterday I went with my mum to Irvine-centre for Christmas shopping to give to Auntie Anne for Christmas.
A jumbo-jet has crashed near Madrid in Spain. 178 people, mostly French, were killed.
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Primary 4 - Guy Fawkes Night

On Guy Fox night we went to the bonfire by the swings it was very good fun because almost everyone brought their fireworks with them. My wee brother did not like the fire-works but he liked the bonfire.
The Magnum now has a new thing in. It is for children under 9. It is like an inflatibul but full of feathers. Their is an E if you put it on its side like this two can go down a slide in it.
We had our own fireworks in the garden. Jerzyk ran away. I had to go to find him. He was in a bush in the garden.